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Gairy Nichols

Sales Manager & Broker In Charge

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Laura Connelly

Sales Associate

(843) 360-9790

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Jim Allison

Realtor Associate

(843) 318-9652

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Dan Sine

Realtor Associate

(843) 455-6319

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Cathy Spires

Broker Associate

(803) 718-0820

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Billy Nichols

Realtor Associate

(843) 385-2406

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Tommy Pendergrass

Realtor Associate


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What can one expect from a real estate company with more than 40 years of being the best in the vacation rental industry? The answer is, clearly, a small, smart staff of sales agents that understands our market.

With over 75 years of combined experience, the sales agents of Dunes Realty are professionals in a unique sector of the real estate market here at the beach.  They’ll not only give you accurate numbers and advice, but they are able to provide the details and explanations that buyers and sellers need to know about their investment in beach properties.

The sales office is backed by the best that Dunes Realty has to offer, including state of the art marketing resources, innovative technology, education and a teamwork relationship with a superb rental department.  Since 1975, no other company has sold more real estate in this area than Dunes Realty Sales, and their level of care, commitment and knowledge remains unrivaled.