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Tommy Pendergrass

Realtor Associate

 Imagine Garden City and Surfside Beach as it was in the 1960’s – small communities consisting of quaint cottages used primarily as second homes during the hot summer months.  It is during this time that Tommy Pendergrass spent his teenage years driving a school bus, playing high school football and baseball, and working for his contractor father building many of these cottages.  In the early 1970’s, with a degree in business, Tommy became a licensed Realtor® and started listing, selling and renting those same cottages he helped his father build a decade before. 

Fast forward to the 21st century, and after almost 35 years in the real estate business, Tommy Pendergrass’ name is synonymous with condominiums and opulent, raised beach residences.  No one knows  South Strand real estate  better than Tommy.  If experience and knowledge of real estate sales and the rental market are what you are looking for in a Realtor® in the sale or purchase of your primary residence, second home or condominium, Tommy is the professional that you will want to contact today.






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